SN30 2.4G and SF30 2.4G for SNES and SFC Classic Edition

Play your SNES and SFC Classic Edition wirelessly. (*Bluetooth connection is NOT supported. )

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Tech Specs

SN30 2.4G Includes

  • SN30 2.4G Controller
  • 2.4G Wireless Receiver
  • USB Cable
  • System Compatibility

  • SNES Classic Edition
  • SFC Classic Edition
  • Connectivity

  • 2.4G Wireless Technology for SNES/SFC Classic Edition.
  • USB connection for Windows, macOS, Raspberry Pi, Android and more.
  • *Bluetooth connection is NOT supported.
  • Special Features

  • 2.4G Receiver powers directly from the SNES/SFC Classic Edition.
  • Acess the SNES/SFC Classic Edition HOME menu wirelessly
  • *Firmware update is currently unavailable.
  • Dimension

  • 144*63.5*26mm
  • Price

  • $24.99 USD