SN30 Pro USB

8BitDo SN30 Pro USB gamepad

We set out to design a fully featured wired retro controller to play 30 years of video games. With inspiration from the classics. Designed with the utmost attention to detail. We paid extra attention to the most critical characteristics like the d-pad, to make sure it feels exactly like you remember it.

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SN30 Pro USB




3.0.0 and above (Switch)
9.0.0 and above (Lite)



Windows 10 and above

Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi

wired connection

* Motion control, NFC scanning, HD rumble, IR camera are not supported, nor can the system be waken up.
SN30 Pro USB

Tech Specs


  • Switch, Windows, Steam (Windows), Raspberry Pi
  • Controller Mode

  • Switch mode, X-input
  • Special Features

  • Vibration
  • Customized Turbo function (Windows only)
  • Dimension / Weight

  • 144*63.5*32.5mm
  • 145g
  • Connectivity

  • Wired USB
  • Includes

  • SN30 Pro USB gamepad
  • Instruction manual