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Officially supported by Apple

Compatible controllers – SN30 Pro for Android, SN30 Pro, Pro+, Pro 2, Ultimate 2.4G, Lite 2 and Lite SE


Please put the controller on D-Input mode to pair with Apple® devices.

iOS 16.3 +

iPadOS® 16.3 +

macOS® 13.2 +

tvOS® 16.3 +

VisionOS 1.1

Compatible Controllers

Play with tons of games

* All App Store® games and software that support MFi controllers.

* All Apple Arcade® games that support the MFi controllers.


  • Q: Can I connect the supported controllers with my iPhone via a USB cable?

    A: USB wired connection is only available on iPhone with USB-C ports.

  • Q: How many controllers maximum can I connect?

    A: Up to 4 controllers maximum simultaneously.(Multiple-players support is required in the game)

  • Q: Are rumble and motion control supported?

    A: Rumble and motion control features are not supported for Apple devices for the moment.

  • Q: Why the [SN30 Pro for Android] controller cannot work when connected via wired connection?

    A: The [SN30 Pro for Android] controller is not supported via wired connection for the moment.

  • Q: Why the Ultimate 2.4G Wireless Controller cannot work when connected via its 2.4G dongle?

    A: The Ultimate 2.4G Wireless Controller is not supported via its 2.4G dongle for the moment.

  • Q: Am I able to take control of the home screen?

    A: You're able to take control of the home screen on Apple TV® and iPad®, but not on iPhone.

  • Q: Can I remap the buttons myself?

    A: Yes, please remap the buttons in the menu settings after you connect the controller.

        * iOS:Settings--General--Game Controller
        * iPadOS:Settings--General--Game Controller
        * macOS:Settings--Game Controller
        * tvOS:Settings--Remotes & Devices--Bluetooth

  • Q: What kinds of games are supported?

    A: Games that support MFi controllers from App Store and Apple Arcade. (Apple Arcade is available in selected regions only)