Awards Announcement

All candidates, thank you for your support and love to the 8BitDo 10th
Anniversary Players Co-creation Collection Event. It has officially come to
an end, the results of the awards are now announced:

The Best Design Award : Retro Celebrations
* Evaluated by the event organizer (8BitDo)
The Most Popular Award : Vaporwave Chulengol
* Voted by the public online voting

We will contact the winning candidates within 10 working days,
please check your emails.

* Please contact us at if you have any further questions about this event.

《 Taco Time 》

Dave Sapien

《 Swirly Starburst 》

Alicia Ernst

《 Game & Play Edition 》


《 Hot Frog Summer 》

Dustin Smela

《 Perpetual Shift 》

Will Lieu

《 Cat Space 》

LORENA Ccristina

《 The Eve of Lepus 》

Asiel Aguiar

《 10th Anniversary 》

Mr D