8BitDo Mod Kit for MD Controller

8BitDo Mod Kit for original Sega Mega Drive controller

Introducing 8BitDo DIY. A new line, featuring do it yourself mod kits for your favorite original retro game controllers. Easily modify your original wired MD controller into a Bluetooth controller, bringing wireless compatibility with Windows, macOS, Raspberry Pi, Switch and more. Rechargeable battery, too.

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Easy set up. Solderless

Each mod kit is designed to be as easy as possible to install. No soldering. Simply remove the original PCB and replace it with the 8BitDo Mod Kit PCB. Now your original wired controller is bluetooth and rechargeable. Watch the How To video here.

8BitDo Mod Kit for MD Controller
8BitDo Mod Kit for MD Controller

One of a kind design

We designed a proprietary component to make our mod kits as capable as possible. Featuring full rechargeable battery capabilities and LED indicators to show you what mode your controller is in and its battery life. It's an advanced mod kit.



Windows 7 and above
Bluetooth 4.0


4.0 and above


10.7 and above


Windows 7 and above
macOS 10.9 and above


1.0.0 and above

Raspberry Pi

Bluetooth 2.0 and above
2B, 2B+, 3B, Zero

8BitDo Mod Kit for MD Controller

Tech Specs


  • Windows, Android, macOS, Steam, Switch, Respberry Pi
  • 8BitDo Retro Recievers
  • Controller Mode

  • X-input, D-input, Mac mode, Switch mode
  • Connectivity

  • Wireless Bluetooth
  • Micro-USB
  • Dimension / Weight

  • 123mm x 62mm x 9mm
  • 27g
  • Battery Type / Battery Life

  • 3.7V 180mAH Li-on battery, rechargeable
  • 7 play hours with 1-2 hour charging time
  • Controllers I Can Mod

  • original Sega Mega Drive controller(SJ-6000)
  • Includes

  • 8BitDo Mod Kit for original Sega Mega Drive controller
  • Micro-USB cable
  • Screwdriver