8Bitdo APP For Android

  • NOTE: Please uninstall legacy version
  • Mode4 Emu-Touchschreen mode
    1. Download the official 8Bitdo APP
    2. Follow the instructions on page Fast Startup Figure, to turn on the 8Bitdo GamePad in mode 4.
    3. Run the 8Bitdo app and scan for Bluetooth devices. When detected tap “8Bitdo GamePad” to pair.
    4. If asked for pairing code (password), enter “0000”.
    5. In Emu-Touchscreen mode, press SELECT+START to activate 8Bitdo app.
    6. Finally, drag and drop buttons in order to map the keys to your satisfaction. Press SELECT+START to finish set-up.

    Warning:After using Mode 4 and you wish to use Mode 1, 2 or 3, you will need to clear pairing information at system Bluetooth first and then scan, pair again.

      8Bitdo APP v1.6.2
    • 1. Fixed the bug that the DPad mapping button of FC30/NES30/SFC30/SNES30/ZERO has no response when the controller works as a "GamePad" on Mode 1.

      8Bitdo APP v1.6.1
    • 1. Fixed the bug that the DPad mapping button of FC30 Pro/NES30 Pro has no response when you use the touch function.
      2. Fixed the bug that the mapping buttons weren't normally pop up for some devices when SELECT+START was held.

      8Bitdo APP v1.6.0
    • 1. Only supports mode 1 (Joystick mode, power on with START / POWER).
      2. Improve connection stability.
      3. Support all the 8Bitdo's Bluetooth gamepad.

      8Bitdo APP v1.5.1
    • 1.Fixed APP crash problem when press hot key active it.
      2.Fixed APP crash problem when reconnect after Bluetooth switch off and on.
      3.Modified analog stick and D-Pad size.
      4.Updated support FC30 Pro、FC30 Arcade Joystick.